Radiant Portuguse Sea Salt 250g

Radiant Portuguse Sea Salt 250g

A healthy and safe sea salt specially brought to you by Radiant Code for your cooking. It is simply tasteful, nutritious and brings out the natural goodness of your dishes.


This Traditional sea salt is hand-harvested from Algarve region of Portugal and sun-dried with no added processing. The region's hot and intense sun and less rainy climate produce brilliantly pure sea salt that has rich micronutrients found in ocean waters without grey discoloration that resulting from muddied ocean water.


Wth a high level of magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron not Commonly found in refined salts, it contains no anti-caking agent, bleaching and impurities. No additives, bleaching or anti-caking agents. Certified by Nature et Progres to be free from hard metals, contaminants, pesticides and radioactivity.